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A waffle you can drink coffee out of?!

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Mother of God.

Mother of God sunglasses gif tumblr imgur

Shut up and take my money! Even condescending Wonka likes it.

Willy Wonka eating cup gif Imgur Tumblr edible teacup

I wonder if you can drink syrup out of it too?

Yes! Good for sipping instead of chugging...

Syrup chug gif

Looking at the cup again I'm unsure if it's a waffle or a cookie.

Lol, I was going to post that but ran outta time!

I love the comment, "I'm throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening!"

I love that comment, too.

little rascals throwing money out window gif Imgur Tumblr Throwing Money at the Screen but nothing is happening

Where can I buy these edible coffee cups???

Also good for milk and cookies:

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