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Victoria's Secret Photoshops Doutzen Kroes

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Jezebel's Jenna Saunders marked up the changes they Photoshopped.

Too bad, two months ago VS bragged that they didn't photoshop Doutzen Kroes.

I think they're addicted to Photoshopping.

Doutzen Kroes husband weight

See also: Doutzen Kroes weight.

shame indeed

The most striking Photoshopping use is the brightening of the colors.

I guess brighter colors make people more likely to buy?

That'd be a cool new Instagram filter.

This seems normal and useful, other than them claiming they didn't, what's wrong with the photoshopping?

It creates images that aren't real that people compare themselves to.

"Why isn't my skin as nice as hers?" = "Because she's airbrushed to within a millimeter of her life!"

That's *exactly* why Instagram is popular, though. People are OK with enhancing and making their own photos look much better.

Watch one season of America's next top model, and folks will have an accurate view of what models really look like.

I personally think this practice is OK; people need to learn how to manage their own expectations!

I think the challenge is that we get bombarded by images with the implication that it's normal to look so amazing.

It is, though. In 2012. That's what uber, task rabbit, gilt groupe, shoedazzle and the plethora of startups is helping middle class Americans become -- living like the 1% of Americans who can afford to look,, live, travel, and dress like the wealthiest people in the world.

Honestly, I think one might view it like professional athletes. Watching Michael Jordan play basketball doesn't discourage me from playing pickup ball with friends.

I don't believe that middle class Americans use services like ShoeDazzle, Task Rabbit, etc.

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