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5 of my favorite "Mr. Boxman" "Danbo" images:

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5. Mr. Boxman feeds origami cranes in the park.

"Mr. Boxman has his lunch routine down pat. He leaves the shipping warehouse right at the stroke of twelve and heads over to the park. As he sits down to eat his box lunch, the origami cranes have already begun to gather. It seems that they too know his schedule and have been waiting for his arrival. It’s nice to see someone taking the time to feed the origami cranes at the park. Thank you Mr. Boxman....

4. Mr. Boxman gives a beautiful flower to a nice lady.

Danbo Mr Boxman gives a flower

3. Mr. Boxman takes a bath under the stars. Nightswimming!

Danbo Mr Boxman takes a bath under the stars

2. Everything I touch moves away from me like a grain of sand.

Danbo Mr Boxman grain of sand

Mr. Boxman's name is Danbo. Read more about Danbo's origins.

The Amazon shipping box doll originates from an anime book. There are several versions of the Box man available. But this robot version really tickles me...

So I went looking for Danbo on YouTube and found...

And yes, Danbo has a Tumblr:

On it I found my favorite image:

1. Mr. Boxman with the purple flower.

Danbo Mr Boxman purple flower

I just found a whole bunch of wallpapers, including this one: mr boxman danbo fireworks wallpaper

Many more:

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