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The Top 10 Fonts Designers Love -

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Lithuania-based web designer and writer Tomas Laurinavicius of spoke to some designers—and collected data through various mediums all over the world—to find out what some of the most popular fonts among designers are.

In an infographic entitled ‘Top 10 Fonts Web Designers Love’—created with the help of Piktochart—lists: the top 10 most loved fonts, the top 10 most favorite free fonts, and the top 10 most popular premium fonts.

Yay for Arial! The Little Mermaid is a top 10 font!

I had no idea Helvetica was premium... is one of my favorite sites. Collecting fonts is one of my hobbies. (I do some stupid stuff with my disposable internet cash.)

And that font!


I don't know fonts well enough to name it, but it has some really gorgeous serifs.

I doubt anyone could, though I was hoping someone with a keen eye could say what off the shelf font it looked most like.

It was a custom developed font for an old security company that I had worked for, originally intended as a data loss prevention encoding of documents.

Looks very Garamond to me... a little thicker and sloppier in spots.

Were there different versions used to prep documents for different people, so a leaked document could be traced to the leaker?

That might have been the original theory, but we just ended up using it on the Web page! :-)

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