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Why We Can't Solve Big Problems | MIT Technology Review

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This is why going into public policy may make sense for the next generation of technologists, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

You're right that someone in public policy should be fighting for basic scientific research and development.

Is it that scientists need to go into public policy?

Or that science should be a more fundamental part of our educational system so public policy people respect science?

ref. dr neil degrasse tyson

I think it's the former, not the latter. Most public policy folks, by default, whilst may have been talented at math and science, probably didn't excel in it enough to choose it as a career path; by definition, many of them have focused on law, policy, civics, and history -- it makes for much better speechwriting material than Science (I'm slightly kidding here).

I think more scientists into public policy; and less policy makers who attack other policy makers for investing in science, research and development -- especially in alternative energy sources e.g. nuclear, geothermal, wind, solar.

Then this really comes back to an education challenge.

In order to get enough scientists into public policy, there need to be enough scientists.

Right now, there are not enough scientists.

And we're about 90,000 short in physicians as well!

I think the answer is obvious; we're going to have to import scientists from other countries for the near-term, and improve our science and math programs for the long-term.

I'm the son of a scientist and engineer, and he was not born or educated here. We need more like him since we don't have enough here.

I agree.

What can we do to make this point of view more popular in America?

accomplish something scientifically great

End the wars; unfortunately, teach people the difference between "highly-skilled/educated" immigrants v. "less-skilled/educated" immigrants. Unfortunately, one is considered desirable; the other while necessary, is not seen as desirable.

Tell a story; tell a thousand stories about immigrants and their children who have changed the world for the better.

Basically, you need a non-political campaign similar to "Got Milk." I haven't researched it, but I'd imagine the "Got Milk" campaign is essentially sponsored by the Dairy lobby. Almost nobody participating in the campaign actually considers whether or not milk is actually healthy, but the campaign is successful into inculcating people that Dairy/milk is an essential.

Therefore, a pro-immigrant lobby or group; e.g. TECH ENTREPRENEURS WHO ALWAYS COMPLAIN ABOUT IMMIGRATION create a $100m or $1bn advertising campaign that is subtly pro-immigrant.

see: Debeers and how they made diamonds popular. They didn't advertise their objective/brand, they advertised the IDEA of a diamond being forever; the idea of a diamond being used to woo a potential fiancee.

That seems to be the key to all great marketing campaigns.


Inception of WHY not WHAT.

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