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Top 10 Pablo Sandoval #PandaMode pictures for #OrangeOctober !!!

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"Man, I still can't believe it!" ~Pablo Sandoval

On October 24 2012 Pablo Sandoval became only the 4th Player in Major League Baseball history to hit 3 home runs in a World Series Game...

Pablo Sandoval Home Run Panda PandaMode

On that second home run, Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander just said Wow.

Justin Verlander wow gif

We celebrate the Kung Fu Panda with my ten favorite Pandoval images I found on Facebook, Twitter, and the Web.

#PandaMode ON !!!

PandaMode On Pablo Sandoval Pandoval

"Today is our day. We want to play like it's the last game of the season." ~Pablo Sandoval

It's #OrangeOctober -- Enjoy!

10. Brian Wilson calls the police because Panda is killing the Tigers!

Pablo Sandoval PandaMode Brian Wilson calls the police because Panda is killing the Tigers

Mighty Panda rocks an orange bat.

Pablo Sandoval Panda Orange Bat

Pablo Sandoval weight swing bat

Pablo Sandoval Number 1

Pablo Sandoval weight is an asset!!!

9. Pablo Sandoval's 3 home runs = Deja Deja Deja vu!

Pablo Sandoval 3 home runs = Deja Deja Deja vu MLB meme


Pandoval 3 is a magic number

8. Pablo Sandoval High-Five on the Downlow. Is that a low-five???

Pablo Sandoval High-Five on the Downlow PandaMode OrangeOctober Kung Fu Panda Power Pandoval Low-Five

Thank Heavens, Panda!

Pablo Sandoval Home Run thank God

7. Pandamonium Rally Nail Art!

Pablo Sandoval PandaMode Pandamonium Rally Nail Art

Pandamonium Rally Nail Art Panda Hat

6. Jumping Panda! Jump Pandoval Jump!

Jumping Panda Pablo Sandoval Jumping Pandoval PandaMode Pandamonium Kung Fu Panda 48

5. Playful Panda Pablo Sandoval of Gigantes with his tongue out. "U mad, bro?"

Pablo Sandoval Gigantes tongue afro Kung Fu Panda PandaMode

Pablo Sandoval Gum Bubble

Pablo Sandoval Bubblegum Bobblehead

4. Pandoval Says Tumblr. Awesome.

Pandoval says Panda Mode On #pandamode

Pandoval says Baby Giraffe

Pandoval says Mohawk Haircut Cornrolls

Pandoval says Kettle Corn

Supergiants Superhero San Francisco Giants SFGiants Panda Pandoval Pandamode

Keep Calm and Panda Mode On

SuperGiants say: Keep Calm and PandaMode On!

Sometimes all you want is a beautiful, simple Panda pic.

Pablo Sandoval Panda cartoon

The artist @jsos is super talented. LIKE him!

3. And then there are the Pablo Sandoval lookin' fabulous glamour shots.

The furry fro!

Pablo Sandoval furry afro

The pool playboy!

Pablo Sandoval pool playboy

The Ivan Rodriguez!

Pablo Sandoval Ivan Rodriguez

The Hubba Bubba!

Pablo Sandoval Hubba Bubba

The Extension!

Pablo Sandoval Extension

The Deodorant!

Pablo Sandoval arms in air

The red panda!

Pablo Sandoval red panda streak

The bear heimlich!


Can I get a witness?

Pablo Sandoval Can I get a witness

2. Pablo Sandoval loves to hug!!!

Pablo Sandoval Kung Fu Panda hug

This gave me goosebumps!!

Maybe he'll become an Angel next?

I'm fairly certain Pablo Sandoval is a franchise player.

They'll likely try to keep him and Buster Posey in San Francisco for a long time.

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