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Chile Verde Recipe

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Chile verde is one of those dishes that I've never made because I'm sort of intimidated by tomatillos... and generally by having to bust out the blender. But it's one of those foods that almost everyone likes, and you can make a delicious meal with just ingredients from the bodega on the corner.

I give this a YUM!


This is one of those dishes that ends up having a LOT more moisture than you can easily account for. When I put the salsa mixture over the pork, it didn't even seem to cover the meat... but by the end of the cooking, the sauce was quite soupy. I enjoyed the fresh taste and bright color so I don't think I would want to cook this down too much -- but be aware you're going to need plenty of rice to sop up the juices.

One cool feature that only the cook will likely notice: the thin layer of fat on top of the chile when you take it out of the refrigerator is green!

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