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What's my plan for Iran? Wonderful question. ~Mitt Romney

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As governor of Massachusetts, I lowered taxes on potatoes.

I like candy.

Dude, chill. We got this.

Romney Foreign policy Meme

Go to war, steal oil. Rinse. Repeat.

Deja vu, n'est pas?

Going to war last time did not lead to stealing of oil.

In fact, it doubled oil prices.

Those two aren't mutually exclusive.

Stealing oil and going to war are not good solutions.

So I guess I'm actively against Mitt's positions.

Absolutely. And to clarify, I had meant that the fact oil prices doubled, does not, in fact, mean that oil was not stolen. It's widely known that the oil and gas industry will utilize any conflict or disaster to artificially inflate prices of oil, even if their supply is unaffected.

so... what is the process by which oil and gas prices are set?

what is the process by which real estate prices are set?

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