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The CIA de-blurs license plates from outer space. Now you can too, for free. | ExtremeTech

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With photos, out-of-focus used to be a permanent condition. Not any more. De-blurring algorithms, written by people who paid lots of attention in math class, reduce and sometimes almost eliminate several kinds of blurring: incorrect focus, motion blur, and Gaussian blur.

I'm just going to give up on the antiquated notion of privacy.

or build your own secret mountain liar like the NSA with your own internet, power, etc

Actually, UBL showed us that the best way to keep a lair secret is to have no outside electronic communications whatsoever.

Adam have you seen enemy of state? When I saw that movie years ago, I knew privacy would face a bitter and utter death..

Yes but how real do you think Enemy of the State is?

In terms of the technology the government is capable of deploying?

I think Julian Assange is a great example of how real it is.

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