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Bossa Nova Robotics unveils mObi personal ballbot | ZeitNews

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mObi has good potential with university research market - particularly for departments like sociology who are interested in human-robot interaction without having technical expertize.

This is really cool. I wonder how long it will take to productize.

My favorite consumer robot launched last week - I'm posting interview with maker - Cory Kidd - it's Autom - and PCH have dropped the product price from original of $600 to $200 - it's a real affordable consumer robot now!

OMG, Andra, it's adorable!!!

Cute Robot

$200, you say?

:) This is watershed consumer robotics product - but has taken a long time to arrive! IV with Cory posted on robotlaunch - doing a follow up soon.

(and $200 at )

Why doesn't Dyson get credit for the ball mobility?

Please tell me more! In this instance, I know that there's a patent on the balance system based on work done at CMU several years ago. Bossa Nova have managed to turn a >$50000 research platform into a <$12000 device, but it won't be consumer friendly until they drop by factor of 10 again.

I was just speculating. Time to delve.

I'm impressed that so many systems for balance and mobility are possible.

I'm impressed, too, Andra.

Geege, I'm curious to know what you learn when you research...

Dyson and the robot are skew planes.

Skew planes?


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