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Peyton Manning invests in 21 Denver Papa John's pizza shops - ESPN

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Such an interesting contrast between Peyton and Tom.

I really enjoy how both of them carry themselves both on and off the field.

Tom doesn't believe in pizza the way Peyton does?

Peyton is Bill Clinton, Tom is Barack Obama.

If Tom invested in Pizza, it'd be some high-end or organic pizza brand that would be high fashion.

BTW, they're my two favorite QBs in NFL history. I liked Tom when he was at Michigan (anathema to say as a PSU fan) and Peyton since he was at Tennessee; still sad he never won the heisman, ha.

What makes them your favorites?

The most fun to watch and classiest on and off the field. I simply like to watch great players who are having fun playing football. Reggie Bush was my favorite college player ever; because he wasn't just good, but he seemed to have so much fun while he was out there. Enjoying the game. Ray Lewis is another one that comes to mind on defense.

And obviously, these guys are incredible competitors. They want to win as much as anybody else.

I'm not sure how much you follow college football, but imagine all the hype surrounding Andrew Luck recently while he was at Stanford, and Peyton had much, much more hype considering his pedigree (Luck, obviously has good pedigree, but not as prestigious as Peyton) and similarly he lost the Heisman but didn't go #1. And around that time or before obviously I discovered Peyton and have followed and liked him ever since.

Watching him pre-snap is like watching an air traffic controller, it's just mesmerizing.

Brady is gritty. I like how nobody considered him to be a great QB in college and he took one opportunity -- Bledsoe getting injured -- and along with a great team, staff, and obviously one of the best coaches in NFL history, was able to become a hall of fame -esque QB.

Two different paths, two different styles, two different approaches. Enjoy them all the same.

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