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Overhyped Northeast Media Shitstorms Converge As Analysts Predict Hurricane Sandy Will Somehow Lead To More Tim Tebow

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They literally went to a meteorologist for their "maybe Tebow will play!" quote. God himself wills it! Play Tebow out of the wildcat! Give him a handoff on a reverse, or its certain death by drowning. Of course, the USA Today forecast assumes Tebow won't be busy rounding up two of every animal.


LOL. Truth!

I'm guessing he gets traded soon. Jacksonville Jaguars?

That's a good choice; here's one -- New England Patriots. If anyone could help Tebow turn into a good NFL QB it could be Belichik. Perhaps a next phase of his offense getting ready for post-Brady era. I think the patriots wanted him.

We'll see what happens when he comes available again. Won't be long.

Tim Tebow will be starting next week! Not...

Tim Tebow Jets meme

What if I told you Rex Ryan might be the problem?

Rex Ryan Morpheus meme

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