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Most Redonkulous Hurricane #Sandy Memes

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Brace yourselves. I'm going to collect Sandy and Frankenstorm pictures and memes...

Hurricane sandy brace yourselves meme

Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, Wasington DC

Hurricane Sandy Frankenstorm Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Washington DC

UPDATE: Dammit, this one's fake. Oh, the hue manatee!

Apparently this Statue of Liberty Hurricane Sandy picture is a fake Urban Legend. Spreading anyway.

Statue of Liberty Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy

See also more fake Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy images.

Meanwhile, Hide, Statue of Liberty, hide!!!

Statue of Liberty hiding

Ok, that's fake too but the one below is clearly real... :)

Hurricane Sandy Frankenstorm REAL Images

See also more fake Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy images.

Hurricane Sandy loves trampolines!

Hurricane Sandy trampoline Frankenstorm

Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy will be 90mph ?! Give that Hurricane a pitching contract...

Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy 90mph

Here are the scariest hurricanes of all time:

The Scariest Hurricanes of all time

Scary Storms of all time Hurricane Sandy Frankenstorm

Those are some scary storms, I tell you.

Hurricane Sandy vs Irene gif

Sandy Irene gif

Hurricane Sandy thinks Grease is the word.

Hurricane sandy grease meme

Hopelessly devoted to ruining Halloween...

Hurricane sandy hopelessly devoted to ruining halloween meme

Where would Sandy be without John Travolta?

hurricane sandy shark john travolta sandy my darling you hurt me bad

Bring it on, Frankenstorm!

Frankenstorm bring it on baby meme

Hurricane Sandy has its own Twitter account!

Frankenstorm sandy snooki meme

Hurricane Sandy tweets to Chris Brown, too.

Hurricane Sandy tweet Chris Brown

Frankenstorm... Halloween... Frankenberry... Coincidence?

Frankenstorm meme

Frankenberry funny

Lindsay Lohan wonders about Hurricane Sally Sandy, Can't we all just get along?

Yes, let's defeat this Hurricane with happy thoughts...

Lindsay Lohan Hurricane Sandy Sally Frankenstorm tweet

Meanwhile, Louis CK cancels his show to keep people out of harm.

Blog post:

"Sandy, I need water." "Sure thing, SpongeBob."

SpongeBob Hurricane Sandy Frankenstorm meme

Yeah, if you could go ahead and cancel clases, that'd be great.

Office Space Lumberg Hurricane Sandy Franenstorm meme

I love Lumbergh.

Stop trying to make FEMA happen.

Stop trying to make FEMA happen Bloomberg

Raincoat cat says: Be safe, everyone!

Raincoat Cat Rain Hurricane Sandy Frankenstorm

Hurricane Sandy New York Frankenstorm

I'm beguiled by interpreter Lydia Calas.

And I like how Chris Christie and President Obama came together.

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