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Why The Future Of Search May Look More Like Yahoo Than Google | TechCrunch

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Does anyone thinks the same as author of this article.

I think it's actually quite interesting. Roger McNamee and Mike Maples have been talking about breaking the paradigm of apps with HTML5 for a while. Take a look at and his Hypernet discussion (here's one of the best in a video interview with Sara Lacy

roger mcnamee

I already have way too many apps on my phone to remember.

The beauty of the web is there's one app (browser) that lets me access everything.

So I agree that something's gotta give.

Barbara, those links are great and I agree that everything needs to evolve.

But now we see why it was so important for Google to develop not just Android but ChromeOS.

Whatever works in the mobile future, Google wants to be prepared for.

And yes, Yahoo has a genuine opportunity, too.

Yahoo mobile future apps

I can't disagree with this article more...

Yes, specialized search and in-app search is the new frontier. I agree with this.

Going portals way about it is so off. The only way specialized search will work is when the act of search is simplified close to non-existence.

Chrome made it possible browsing by search and Google is going further with their knowledge graph. The mental work barrier between thought "I need - X" and specialized and focused app, which gives me X experience is going down and the only way further and to further bring it down.

Siri and Android voice search are doing it on mobile.

Massive content aggregation screens raise the barrier, not brings it down. Google is working so hard on bringing the barrier down because they are technology and NOT content company.

If Yahoo wants to be a content company, they better start building smart, focused specialized apps and not content aggregation screens.

There are three ways to build a content company:

1. Lots of blogs with professional writers, like AOL does.

2. Lots of editors looking for spreadable content, like BuzzFeed does.

3. Lots of user-generated content, like Tumblr does.

Which content company do you think Yahoo should be?

Well, but by the content I do not mean just text. I mean any media including games, maps, photos, videos, educational classes, travel advise, trail maps, etc. Each type of content requires focused app and community of users.

Approach can be different depending on type of app. Photos can be totally user driven, but things like maps or educational materials needs to be well curated.

If they would build some kind of integrated media backbone, which have high quality contant, which is searchable, personalized, sharable, etc. this might be a rebirth of it.

That's where apps become the content and content becomes the apps.

Integrated media backbone = Twitter ?

I guess more facebook apps route, but more focused on high quality content and interactions rather than social.

That's a better long term strategy IMHO.

Facebook app ecosystem is dying because social is exhausting.

Back in 90s-early 2000s Yahoo was such media backbone.

It had unified user profile and the whole set of content apps , did basic personalization and cross app search.

They lost the steam by making set of big mistakes, pushing on portals and simply throwing the towel on quality.

But the rebirth can be to follow this path and do it right.

Down with portals and content aggregation screens. Stop trying to compete with google on indexing the internet.

Stop full page ADs on the front page and republishing hot stories.

Buy/Build great multiscreen content apps. Examples are;, zynga (?), get a sweet deal with yelp.

Utilize user profile to push on personalization, relevancy, focus search on their own content and relevancy.

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