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Hurricane Sandy Shark!

Sharks casually swimming around the streets in brigantine #SandyABC7 #Sandy
2:39 PM Oct 29 2012

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Uh... okay, Hurricane Sandy Frankenstorm just got real.

Sharks are casually swimming in Brigantine, New Jersey ?!?!

Checking the news, yes, this is Hurricane Sandy's fault.

See below for a bigger version of this image.

You can get loans from them in Jersey.

Geege, haha... Wait, that's not funny.

sharks funny meme

Is it just me, or do the eyes look familiar?

stay puft marshmallow man


Do I need to call the Ghostbusters to help me deal with this shark?

Call Ghostbusters .... and ask them to release the ghost of Robert Shaw.

Quint from Jaws

We're gonna need a bigger boat.

Bigger boat Meme

yeah .. i just hope being there & swim with it ... lol !!!

Be careful -- here's a Shark Feeding Frenzy video from New Jersey that went viral in August:

i want to believe, but this seems unlikely

HuffPo mentions a fake shark photo for Hurricane Irene but does not debunk the Hurricane Sandy Shark.

But to your point, it does look Photoshopped.

Jeffrey, here's the original post on Facebook:

Hurricane Sandy Shark Brigantine New Jersey

Looking at the "splash", we can now declare this a fake. Sorry.

Great Photoshop skills, though.

Also not real.

hurricane sandy sharks

In summary, there have been no real, confirmed Hurricane Sandy shark sightings.

Remember, not all Hurricane Sandy images are real, according to the Atlantic.

Hurricane Sandy Statue of Liberty Cat

...OR IS IT???

Hurricane Sandy REAL image photo picture gif

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