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Lydia Calas: NYC's Finest ASL Interpreter.

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success at all levels

What does that sign mean?

Lydia Calas eye sign Lydia Calas V peace sign

Lydia Calas is my hurricane celeb

I love her Tumblr:

She is a bright light during dark days: Bloomberg's Sign Language Star!

See this great New York Magazine article about her.

Lydia Calas Hurricane Sandy Crush

Lydia Calas gifs !!!

Lydia Calas gif

Lydia Calas wow gif Lydia Calas tongue gif Lydia Calas hurricane gif Lydia Calas wind gif Lydia Calas sandy gif Michael Bloomberg hurricane sandy gif

This is what awesome people look like. Kudos to her and the years she spent and spends in service!

Lydia Calas has the moves like Jagger!

Lydia Callis water shark gif Lydia Callis sandy flat gif Lydia Callis yes gif

Lydia Callis splat crash gif Lydia Callis fight club gif Lydia Callis wave dance sing gif

Her name is actually "Callis". :-)

If her name is Callis then why do I see it as Calas in so many places?

New York Magazine just says: "*We misspelled Ms. Callis' name in an earlier version of this post."

So basically, they misspelled her name and now the misspelling is all over the Internet.

She has been treated callously.

oh my

Oh my, she's awesome.

Ok, from now on we call her Lydia Callis.

Lydia Calas knows every sign in the book. And then some.

Lydia Calas


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