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Scott Forstall Leaving Apple

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I think the iOS 6 Maps fiasco, which was essentially a self-inflicted head wound, the WiFi problems, and other problems with iOS 6 would be more than sufficient to justify firing the leader responsible, who would be Scott Forstall.

Apple's "directly responsible individual" model seems to be big on personal accountability at the top.  i.e. "once you're a VP, there are no excuses".  It would be interesting to know if he left on his own (in recognition of his poor performance with iOS 6) or if he had to be fired.  I can't see Tim Cook being as cruel as Steve Jobs, but I'm sure he has his own way of dealing with firing.

-- Sperli, do you think this could be applicable to the military? the DRI principle?

You nailed it. Apple will be much stronger under this reorg.

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