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First use of the word Interweb: Wolfgang Puck on the Simpsons.

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From episode DABF06, 18-May-1999:

Marge: Mmmm, all this food is so frou-frou! Wooo! Faberge egg salad!

Cletus: Look Brandene, it's Wolfgang Puck! Mr. Puck, you make the only grub what satisfies my gut worm. I swear.

Wolfgang Puck: Try my Rice Krispies squares. They are wasabi-infused with a portabello glaze. And you can buy them at the airport.

Marge: I make mine with M&M's.

Wolfgang Puck: With M&M's? Now that's what I call fusion! I could sell them on the Interweb!

[Wolfgang kisses Marge]

Wolfgang Puck: To the Puckmobile!

Good times.

oh yeah this about to be all over the interweb baby gif

imgur: the simple image sharer

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