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Not Safe For Work Corporation | The War Nerd: Obama's Wars

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The real problem is that they don’t know what world they’re living in. These are people who’ve spent their lives getting straight A’s, collecting gold stars, avoiding mistakes. And they think war is just like all those other little hurdles you face in life.

That’s why they’ll never get credit for any of it. They have this delusion that sanity matters, and they’ve run their wars as sanely and boringly as an exterminator going after termites.

It’s sensible, it’s semi-effective, and it irritates the life out of the 99%. I don’t mean the Occupy 99%, all those “goodhearted ordinary Americans”; that’s a totally made-up imaginary species invented by people just as naive as Obama’s crew. I mean the real 99% of us living our rotten lives out there, mean and dumb and miserable, just waiting for some gore we can really get behind.

Came to this page from this page.

Frankly, as far as I'm concerned, we cannot end these wars soon enough.

So when I read something like this...

Obama just doesn’t understand his job as war chief of this big crazy tribe. A war chief doesn’t have to win; only a wonk’s view of the world would see things that way. A war chief has to look like a war chief and talk like one. And yell a lot. Obama just can’t manage that, and when he tries, he makes us feel stupid. He embarrasses us, trying to sing along to a tune you know he thinks is just dumb.


War isn’t about “winning” wars, so much — the 2004 election proved that once and for all. It’s about having something to woof on behalf of, like the NFL squared. Bush was the worst warrior since George Villiers, but he was a pro at cheerleading and we reelected him. Obama’s been a big surprise as a C-in-C, a damn good, cool-headed master of assassins, which is what you need for counterinsurgency … but he’s worse than nothing as a cheerleader. shows that I too don't know the world I'm living in. I want more peace.

I'm not loving the idea of drone strikes any more now than when I first heard about them.

Still thinking about the lethal presidency.

Conflating re-election for support of the war in Iraq is severely misguided...

I think so too, but it's clear that that's how some Americans think.

I think it's simpler than we are making it to be; Pres. Obama is a lethal president because he has to be if he wants to win. he has to be tough on national security, he has to kill UBL, he has to kill more bad guys than the republican president, WHILST keeping our troops safer.

It's all politics; thanks to the NeoCons, we've created a false dichotomy where a peaceful President is considered a "sissy" president who doesn't believe in American Global Dominance or whatever Romney and the NeoCons call it these days.

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