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Education Startups Bubble

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From the outside looking in, all bubbles look like egregiously frothy markets.

From the inside looking out, startup founders in any markets -- photo-sharing, social, local, education, healthcare -- discover a different story.

The barrier to entry to raising seed funding or series A for #edtech is just as high -- if not higher -- than a non-EdTech focused startup; ultimately, although there is now a lot of money chasing education, that doesn't mean that it's either easy to access for startup founders, nor that educators will be forced to adopt it.

The real elephant in the room is the policy-makers getting in-bed with major behemoths e.g. Pearson, News Corp, K12, inc. and other hundred million dollar and billion-dollar companies. Those folks are driving policy changes that will effect every single student in the country, whether we like it or not (see: Race to the Top, No Child Left Behind, Increased focuses on standardized testing).

That's where we need to see deep investigative journalism.

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