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Larry Summers and Peter Thiel debate higher education "bubble"

Larry Summers and Peter Thiel debate higher education bubble

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"You can't be provocative without being badly wrong," -- Larry Summers.

"Things take longer to take than you thought they would, and then they happen faster than you thought they would." -- Larry Summers

"There's a lot more than teaching students that happens at universities." -- Larry Summers.

The moderator is rather aggressive, interesting.

Peter Thiel looks and speaks rather similar to Mark Zuckberg. If I was not watching this video, I'd think Zuck was speaking.

"A harvard degree will be worth more not less in the future." -- Peter Thiel.

They both seem so sure of themselves.

I wonder where that confidence comes from.

Zuck/Thiel or Thiel/Summers?

Thiel and Summers.

Zuck seems less confident.

Their confidence comes from being mostly viewed as successful men by the outside world; success begets success, after all -- and it definitely begets confidence.

Thiel is seen as a soothsayer after *winning* with PayPal and his early investment in Facebook; Summers of course believes he has credibility from being a former Harvard president and the like.

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