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In El Paso Scandal , Kids Disappear

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Which EdTech companies are solving this problem???

The poor and special needs children will be the ones to be pushed out of the "new" 21st century American education.

So according to the article we should never test students because teachers and administrators are willing to cheat to make themselves look better to qualify for more funding and protect their positions?

Sounds like an organizational problem to me.

It actually sounds like the prisoners dilemma:

School districts will cheat, because they believe -- and know, now -- that other school districts are cheating. If this were a silicon valley organization, what would it do? Push out the problem users in order to show better graphs/numbers for investors, press, et. al

I think the district is acting rationally; that's the problem, we've created a system where we incentivize people to cheat poorer kids out of an education. Freakonomics has a good segment on this in their original book vis-a-vis Chicago schools and cheating test scores.

The Doping Arms Race as Prisoners’ Dilemma

The doping arms race will continue because of the incentives: It’s a classic Prisoner’s Dilemma. Consider for example competing athletes Alice and Bob, who are individually deciding whether to take drugs or not. Alice thinks:

If Bob doesn’t take any drugs, then it will be in my best interest to take them. They will give me a performance edge against Bob. I have a better chance of winning.

Similarly, if Bob takes drugs, it’s also in my interest to agree to take them. At least that way Bob won’t have an advantage over me.

So even though I have no control over what Bob chooses to do, taking drugs gives me the better outcome, regardless of his action.

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