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Denzel Washington Dangers of Success

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His features look softer than they portray him in movies; or perhaps the features in the photoshoot are softer than normal.

At any rate, a fascinating and intriguing interview.

This made me pause:

Asked whether he was close to the late director Tony Scott, who directed him in five movies from 1995’s Crimson Tide to 2010’s Unstoppable and who committed suicide Aug. 19, he says, “We didn’t have a beer every other week.” Washington did not attend Scott’s funeral, which was a private affair involving only family and the closest of friends. He does say, though: “I was shocked by his death. I’m still shocked. If you had given me a list of 25 people, I don’t think I’d have picked him. You don’t know. You just don’t know. You don’t know what’s inside a man’s head.”

Why's that?

You don't know what's inside a man's head.

Even if they're telling you one thing they might be thinking another.

Absolutely. It's one of the most profound experiences of humanity; none of us truly know how another is thinking or feeling.

If teeth had a god, it would be Denzel Washington.

Denzel is a deity of more than teeth, right?

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