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Anthropology of Mid-Sized Startups

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Great find -- the whole article is worth reading.

I most enjoyed the part about what defines company culture.

Rank ways. How does rank affect the amount of influence a person has? How are promotion decisions made?

Time ways. How are product cycles broken down? What activities take place on weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly cadences?

Office ways. How are desks and offices arranged/assigned? [5] What are the core working hours, noise levels, interruption norms, etc.?

Meeting ways. How, when, and why are meetings initiated? Who talks, who takes notes, and who’s distracted by their phone or laptop?

Email ways. What kinds of decisions are made over email vs. in meetings? How are mailing lists used?

Decision-making ways. How are important decisions made? Democratically? Autocratically?

Compensation ways. How is compensation divided between bonuses, salary, and equity? How much does it vary by rank, seniority, and job function, versus by achievement?

Work/life balance ways. I’ll just point here.

Hiring ways and firing ways. How are hiring decisions made, and by whom? How are bad hires identified and weeded out?

Project management ways. How are the goals for a project determined? How is success measured?

Coding ways. How is code quality enforced? How territorial are people about code ownership?

… and many others (celebration ways, onboarding ways, info dissemination ways, planning ways, customer-relation ways, media ways, etc.)

Love the piece and followed several of the links. Just finished Thinking Fast and Slow.

What's the best thing you learned from Thinking Fast and Slow, Barbara?

Worth a re-read. I'm hitting the "Read It Later" button.

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