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A Hidden Crime: Domestic Violence Against Men Is a Growing Problem - DailyFinance

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I'm all about equal rights but equal should be equal. How is it fair that a woman arrested for domestic battery gets released with no bond, a man arrested the same night for the same thing gets bail set at 10k. As if that's not enough upon her release the police escorted her to the victim's home to remove their baby to place with (Mom) the unstable abuser, because if the couple was not married custody defaults the mother no matter the circumstance & the victim (Dad) is advised to "lawyer up" if he wants rights to his baby.

We hear so much about dead beat dads & violence against women, my question now is who's willing to speak up for the guys. For so long we've been fighting for women's rights, so hard we fought that I think we forgot about the whole equality factor. Time to make it right.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin speaks for male victims?

Also, did you know that 20 percent of anorexics are male?

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