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High Five Cat gif: "Up high, human bro!"

up high human bro

Source: Imgur

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Cat high five gif is classic!

Cat High Five gif

high five cat upvote gif

Cat smack!

Cat smack gif imgur reddit The fuck you lookin' at

Pirate High Five Cat say: ARRRRRRRR

Pirate High Five Cat

My grand baby just said her first word, take a guess at what it was....Arrrghhhhhhh!!!!!!

Danielle, your grand baby is going to be a pirate, too!

Let's celebrate with cat gifs:

imgur: the simple image sharer

imgur: the simple image sharer

imgur: the simple image sharer

She has been for some time now, but we can celebrate anyway =)


Danielle she's adorable!

She was tiny then, and a little alienish like most babies. But now she is perfection...just like any Nonnie would say, not bias or anything =)

If only she could just stay as she is! Why must children get older???

I know it stinks, & the heartbreak of looking at this sweet innocent being & the knowledge that as each day passes there will be experiences that slowly steal that innocence away, then we grow up to be crazy adults. LOL...Geez that was gloomy, I must be tired. Off to visit the sandman in faerie land, sweet dreams.

funny ninja cat gif

thought you would appreciate the ninjas 

Oh yes. So much!

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