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THE famous Tiger Attack video! So You Think You're Safe on That Elephant.....

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Go ahead and skip to 2:48

Mother of God! THE famous tiger attack video makes me wonder if lions are this dangerous, too.

For what it's worth, you're not safe in the water, either.

tiger attack funny

GIF version. I was going to add a caption, but I decided just to make a basic exploitable for now.

Tiger Attack!

Nice deployment.

Tiger meme deploy it

And then there's the leopard kill.

Lions aren't very good climbers, but they can jump 36 feet! - PandaWhale

Time to feed the pet tiger:

feed pet tiger gif

I could be wrong, but this seems like a fugazi to me....

Which calls for a soundtrack. How about a Fugazi-Destiny's Child mashup?

I saw this video a few years ago. What's amazing to me is how the tiger creeps up on these guys and then accelerates in a split second, and not only long-jumps 15-20 feet wide but also about 15 feet high, mauling that poor guy's hand. The vertical leap is just sick and also reminds me of the tiger that was provoked at the SF Zoo in Christmas of 2006 and cleared a 12' wall straight up. Incredible, solitary killer/hunter and will sadly be extinct in the wild this century :-(

Between the creeping and the leaping, I respect how dangerous tigers are.

Jumping Tiger attacks elephant rider gif - Imgur

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