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Found this hilarious parody in the comment section:

"I actually think that there is a better combination. You should get 3 27" iMacs for home use. Daisy chain two of them to the left and right of the middle one and use them as displays. Whenever there is a need for extra horsepower (or if the primary one crashes) switch to the one on the left or the right side, while the middle one reboots.

For portability though, it's best to carry a Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, and iPod Touch. You might point out that the iPod Touch is a bit too much in this combo, but what if your iPhone runs out of battery and you're at a Starbucks with access to free Wifi? Depending on the situation, if you're there for a short time, you wouldn't want to whip out your iPad(s) or Macbook(s). Just use your iPod Touch so you don't look like a douche.

When you actually need to get work done though, that's where the Macbook(s) come into play. The great thing about having both the Air and the Pro is that you'll be highly dynamic in your pressure and weight control as your needs change. For example, imagine you're still at the same Starbucks trying to get work done. You can put your iPod Touch away, whip out your Macbook Pro and set it on the table and get busy being productive. But what if you want lean back on the chair and put your legs up on the table for change of posture and rest? You'd clearly have too much strain putting the Macbook Pro resting on your quads. This is when you can whip out the Macbook air and you'll be set. This feather-weight gadget will provide just the right amount of pressure on your delicate legs while keeping you productive.

Now let's imagine you're still at the same Starbucks and the nature calls. What would you do now? You clearly can't take your laptop(s) with you to the bathroom. It's just logistically too complicated. I suggest you consider this situation very carefully. If you're going to do a #1, the choice is easy. You can take the iPad Mini. The light weight and the briskly thin and small dimensions will make it a comfortable device while you're standing at the urinal, controlling your business with one hand and holding the iPad with the other. But what if it's a #2? I'm sure at this point you have a good idea of which device would be appropriate for the stall."

MG Fanboy

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