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Best Inventions of the Year 2012 | Full List |

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Marcin Jakubowski built a tractor in six days. Then he told the world how to do it: he made the designs, the budget and an instructional video available free online. A farmer and technologist and the founder of Open Source Ecology, Jakubowski has identified the 50 most important machines required for modern life—from the soil pulverizer to the oven—and is working to make a prototype of a low-cost DIY version of each so that anyone anywhere can build them. “If we can lower the barriers to farming, building and manufacturing,” he says, “then we can unleash massive amounts of human potential.”

Love that Bounce Imaging for Emergencies.

Bounce Imaging for Emergencies

An MIT student and an Army Ranger have come up with a way to provide first responders with the kind of technology elite SEAL teams have. To give firefighters and cops a full picture of a burning building or a hostage situation, the baseball-size orb is tossed into the area. Its six cameras snap pictures while its sensors detect air quality, temperature, radiation and other hazards. It then beams the data to mobile devices.

26 slides of pure AWESOME

.... okay.. some of them are dumb... I got irrationally exuberant with the open source civilization in a box thingy... :-\

Still, a very promising direction.

And soon 3-d printing will be cheap enough and good enough that these can be manufactured inexpensively.

3D printing is overrated.

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