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World War I Flame Thrower

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Fixed. Charizard for the win!

charizard military flame thrower 6rbrL.gif

It werfs flammen.


Ha! George Carlin explains why flamethrowers were invented...

Flamethrower meme

Whatever happened to The Prodigy? Are they still around?


On 6 August 2011, The Prodigy attended Przystanek Woodstock (Poland), the biggest festival in Europe, playing to a crowd of over 700,000 fans.[55] At their two final shows of 2011 (in Brazil), The Prodigy played two new tracks: "A.W.O.L" and "Dogbite".[56] On 18 November 2011, The Prodigy were announced as a headliner for Download Festival 2012, and closed the main stage on 8 June with a normal setlist, with the addition of one song, called "Jet Fighter", from their forthcoming album "How To Steal A Jet Fighter", which was accompanied by on-stage imagery of jet aircraft including the MiG-21. [57] Liam Howlett has confirmed this album will not be dubstep, but that it will feel "fresh" whilst darker.[citation needed]

On 3 May 2012, The Prodigy announced the working title of their new album: How to Steal a Jet Fighter.[58]

On 8 June 2012, a new track titled “Jet Fighter“ was debuted at Download Festival.

In December 2012, new track titled “The Day“ was debuted at Warrior's Brixton.


The World War I flamethrower or the Charizard version?

If you're thinking Christmas gift for Geege, the WWI. The Charizard version is amazing though.

For some reason Geege you're reminding me of Mariah Carey.

Specifically, "All I want for Christmas is You"

Proper use of a flamethrower:

proper use of the flame thrower photo Imgur

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