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Snow Cat gif

snow eating cat gif Imgur

Imgur comments:

Reddit comments:

I like to hope this is the same cat:

cat jumping snow gif bouncing through the snow, kitty's on its way Imgur

The cat's name is Elaine and Elaine burrows in snow:

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Cats love snow!

cat snow gif-

snow cat gif

St Patrick's day lolcats

Pugs like to hop up stairs!

Chubby Pug hopping up the stairs like a bunny! - PandaWhale

Snow cat could learn a lot from a pug.

Jumping Snow Cat gif

I want that to happen to me but instead of snow I want feathers!!! 

Or leaves!

Snow does seem pretty soft.

I would want to go in the snow if it was warm

Me too!

cat buried in snow looking at tail gif Imgur

Did someone say Snow Cat?

snowman cat snowcat snow cute meme Imgur

Did you make that?

No but I will try the next time I'm in snow.

I love love to make a snow cat

Longcat snowman snowcat snow meme

I would call it snowy

Me too! Snowy!!

dog jumping in deep snow gif Imgur

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