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SayNow showcases how beneficial being acquired by Google can be.

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Liz Gannes' article explains how Google is empowering entrepreneurs from the companies they acquire, by telling the story of SayNow's experiences since they were acquired in January 2011. Read it here:

The most telling quote in that article to me is this one: "Google’s going through a transformation to go back in time to try to be a start-up." I have witnessed this attitude among a lot of the Googlers I talk with, and frankly I think it's very exciting to see Google embracing the entrepreneurial spirit. They seem very energized and motivated!

I didn't exactly read the article that shiny-happy way. Seemed like the message was more tempered: hey entrepreneurs, you might not HATE being acquired by Google if you focus on the positive factors like NOT HAVING TO FIGURE OUT A BUSINESS MODEL. And getting to sit next to Larry Page.

After seeing your comment, I re-read the piece and I see it too: the entrepreneurs are happy that they can now focus on solving hard problems in engineering and usability and usefulness rather than spend their time worrying about making payroll. Google is recasting itself as the kind of place where inventors can feel good working without the anxiety of figuring out how to make the inventions self sustaining.

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