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Kickstarter CEO Says No IPO, No Equity Crowdfunding

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I bet kickstarter could use kickstarter to raise a massive round for itself.

Sounds like a snake eating itself.

Snake eating itself gif

I don't trust the Kickstarter brand anymore. Too many things funded that never delivered.

If Kickstarter is not a store then can't we call our fundings charitable contributions?

That video is disturbing. No thank you for sharing.

They're raising their bar to entry.

I've never paid for anything on kickstarter; but clearly, their model is working.


The crowdfunding platform has pushed nearly $350 million into 76,000 projects since April 2009, with 44 percent of them reaching their goals and thus the cash. But Chen said Kickstarter itself, which is backed by Union Square Ventures, Betaworks and lots of angel investors, has no intention of cashing out. “We don’t ever want to sell this company, we don’t ever want to IPO. We want to build this institution for generations,” he said, speaking at the GigaOM Roadmap conference in San Francisco.

Then why the heck did you take venture money from USV and Betaworks???

Because it doesn't matter now; if you were USV/BW wouldn't you invest just to get the data on the successful kickstarter projects/inside access?

Said another way, would you invest in a non-profit AngelList?

I think most VCs would in a heartbeat;

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