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'Start-Ups: Silicon Valley' is a great TV show.

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#SiliconValley is a great show. Why does SV not get TV? Nobody watching this show cares about SV any more than a family cares about Amish people when they watch "Breaking Amish" or fortune tellers when they watch "Long Island Medium." The characters are entertaining. Maybe all the bloggers and tweeters think people care about their opinion? I wouldn't be surprised if SV is one of Bravo's top shows.

People need to relax; it's a TV show. It's about the PEOPLE, not about the location or the activities; that's just a backdrop for the show, a raison d'être if you will.

And no, tech bloggers blogging about it probably has not contributed an ounce to the bottom-line ratings of the show.

Too bad the ratings were so low.

 All right, will TiVo it, but I'm setting my expectations low.

Watch it with people. I find that watching mindless TV with other folks is extremely similar to watching sports for sports fanatics. I hesitate to stereotype and say "men," or "women;" but in the same way "fans" root for their favorite players and teams in major sports, e.g. golf, basketball, football, baseball, and NASCAR, "fans" watch these TV shows and begin to root for certain characters to "win," and/or pick a favorite and become emotionally invested in that character.

At least, that's how I interpret it. 

It's fun to see a glamorized view of SV; seeing DMC and the folks pitch him was absolutely priceless and brilliant.

It's like "the Hills," which was a brilliant, brilliant show on MTV. Obviously, Hermione Way is supposed to be our "Lauren Conrad."

I think she's a naturally likable star, just like LC was (on screen). I do think Hermione's on-internet personality is a bit too abrasive for tech folks to "fall in love" with her. She may not believe it, but there is a thing as too much information. 

Hmmm, episode 1 was kind of a nightmare.

Hermoine's pitch was terrible, and DMC didn't cuss at all.You're right, I don't like her character. Too abrasive.

Plus her conflict with Sarah seems contrived.

Sarah startups Silicon Valley

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