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Enji Night Purple Elf Cosplay

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I've never heard of a "purple elf". Whatever.

The important thing to note is that she designs her own costumes.

Which is quite awesome.

More costumes in her deviantART gallery:

She likes to dress as Firefox.

Facebook fan page:

Mario iPad decals are cool too.

Enji Night Mario Mac iPad decal

Videogame logic is seriously flawed.

Enji Night Mario

As an aside, I believe Enji Night runs Firefox on her Mac...

Enji Night Firefox

Enji Night Firefox Gif

But her favorite superhero isn't Batman, it's Supergirl.

Enji Night Supergirl

Enji Night Supergirl

In fact, Enji Night is most famous for her Supergirl. From Imgur:

Enji Night Supergirl Cosplay

Enji Night hottest cosplay ever

Enji Night gif:

Enji Night Firefox world gif

Enji Night selfie hot cosplay dat gap mind the gap Imgur

Imgur comments:

Compare with Crystal Graziano:

Compare with others:

brazil cheerleaders hot ms marvel gif Imgur

White Queen hot cosplay sexy tight Imgur

Those ladies are good cosplayers but Enji is always innovating:

Enji Night Zero suit Samus cosplay hot Imgur

Heard Imgur likes Enji Night - Imgur

Interview with Rédei Anna, whose Cosplay name is Enji Night:

Enji Night's Facebook page:

Enji Night's deviantART gallery:

More Enji Night:

Enji Night cosplay Winnie the Pooh hot Imgur

Enji Night Supergirl gif:

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