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Obama oversaw the creation of private sector jobs and destruction of government jobs. George W Bush did the opposite.

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Holy crap, George W Bush acted like a liberal -- look at all those government jobs created in his first term!

By comparison Obama's a libertarian:

The left side of the chart shows the first Bush years. The right is Obama's.

The red line represents the trajectory of private sector jobs, while the blue and green lines represent the trajectory of state and local government jobs. All are set at 100 to the beginning, just for the sake of normalizing each number to the same point.

As you can see, under Bush's first term, private sector jobs never got to their start point, while public sector jobs soared.

Under Obama private sector jobs have now easily surpassed the level they were when he started, while public sector employment is way down, with no comeback having yet commenced.

Obama just out-Republican'd the Republicans.


What this chart also illustrates is that if the number of government jobs 4 years ago still existed, unemployment would be much lower. Wow.


It makes me very optimistic about the next four years.

We could end up with second-term Reagan -- or, even better, second term Clinton. 

or something better than both 

The next president is lucky because whoever wins the election will get to preside over a growing economy and look like a genius.