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Chris Brown is gonna sing on Rihanna's new record? I'm sure it's gonna be a hit.

Chris Brown is gonna sing on Rihanna s new record I m sure it s gonna be a hit

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What's upsetting for those of us who admire Rihanna's talent and boldness — and for me as a feminist — is that she has clearly not taken up the narrative of women's enlightenment and self-liberation. Quite the opposite — the story she wants to tell is the one in which the endangered woman doesn't get out, or leaves for a while but comes back, or at best does leave, but can't resolve the mixed feelings she has about her choice. ~Ann Powers, NPR

 This is dumb. Rihanna is a person and an adult and can do whatever she wants; not all broken relationships should be permanently ended, as opposed to repaired.

I admire Rihanna for working on a  *professional* basis with another talented musician. 

Chris Brown made mistakes; but we'd have to be stupid to believe that Rihanna did not make any mistakes in the relationship as well. 

Let's just stay out of their business and let them do their thing.

Shutup and listen to -- or don't listen to -- the music.

Chris Brown's "mistake" was a violent crime against a woman.

I think that's what makes this more delicate than "let them do their thing".

What's worse is that many teenagers blame Rihanna for Chris Brown's violence.

Why blame the victim?

Form of denial

So do you believe they should never be allowed to work together or date because of his history?

She could work with anyone in the world. She's got plenty of dating options.

Why go backwards when she could move forward?

Lessons are repeated until they are learned.

One day, she'll learn.

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