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Eminem - Pieces Of Advice For Kids

Eminem Pieces Of Advice For Kids

Source: 9GAG

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From when Eminem was on David Letterman earlier this year:

I wonder if Eminem gave this advice to his own daughter.

Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade Scott Mathers new real rare hot 2012 fuck I'm old meme

Perhaps it's wise not to talk about Eminem's daughter.

Eminem daughter Hailie meme

Let's just say Eminem's advice is for all young Americans.

If you're gonna be a rapper, quit while your music is still awesome. Once you get rich and aren't angry anymore, your music ain't as good.

eminem meme

If I sign something for you and see it on eBay, when you go home I'm gonna be under your bed.

Eminem David Letterman advice for kids ebay

Eminem does have a great sense of humor.

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