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Christian Conservatives Failed to Sway Voters -

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“It’s that the entire moral landscape has changed,” he said. “An increasingly secularized America understands our positions, and has rejected them.”


 No, America increasingly understands the basis for many of those positions have little, if any, genuine scriptural backing.  

These people aren't Christian. They don't even resemble Christian. In no way did Christ support, endorse, or otherwise advocate using the power of the state to enforce a religious doctrine upon the land or the people... quite the opposite.

Nor did the founding fathers advocate the interconnecting of church and state.

It's unfortunate that the conservative movement backed itself into that corner. 

 It isn't so much that the conservative movement got backed into a corner, it's that it isn't the same conservative movement anymore.  The Southern Strategy completely backfired and consumed conservatism just as it consumed the GOP.  The conservative movement of Barry Goldwater, William F. Buckley, and Young Americans for Freedom which propelled Reagan into office is long dead, replaced with the Quorum of Twelve, Bob Van Der Plaats, Tony Perkins, the Southern Baptist Convention and the Catholic Bishops.

Any chance they'll modify those positions to be more mainstream? 

For the Dominionist nutters, no they won't. They refuse to accept that the culture war is lost, and consider the hostility of the world against them to be a harbinger of the apocalypse and as such, an article of faith.  The only thing out there happening now is the call to drop the nativist immigration policy, in the hopes of recruiting highly traditional Catholic and Evangelical Latinos.

thus explaining Hannity's quick evolution on the issue.   


I sat at a table with him at a banquet a number of years ago... Definitely one of the dumbest people I've ever met in politics..

 Make no mistake tho, the calls for immigration reform are cynical ploys to recruit a new group into the culture war.

 No. They will not. The millennial evangelical christians will push out the old, white evangelical christian conservatives who don't represent Christ in their politics.

The truth is, don't blame the grassroots folks; stuff rolls down hill as they say. It's the leaders at the top pushing an agenda that's brought them to this point...

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