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Skyfall is not a good movie

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Instead of getting Christopher Nolan to direct, Skyfall/Sam Mendes simply stole the plots from his two batman films: the dark knight and the dark knight rises.

Even some of the phrases are eerily similar.

This movie was incredibly underwhelming; it offers nostalgia to classic Bond fans, but simply draws out the movie in an unprovoking, unemotional plot.

I realize I'm in the minority here, but I simply have no interest in watching this movie again.

I don't think you're in the minority here. Not sure I even want to see this once.

 91% rotten tomatoes: , 8.1/10 IMDB and all my friends who saw it told me to watch it. 

Some nitpicks: 

The entire opening 10 minutes was all given away in the trailer; and in case you try not to watch trailers, don't worry, they spam blasted youtube over the last month making sure any time you saw a youtube video you saw that ad (or the one for "man with an iron fist.")

Why do they still insist on putting the 5 minute credits at the beginning? I was bored and fading from the movie and it hadn't even "started". 

Javier Bardem, an incredible actor and a great choice for a villain, basically a heath ledger/joker rip-off...except he's not chaos, he just wants revenge. How boring; and if you're going to make a movie about a guy who wants revenge, at least do a better job of telling the backstory. 

Istanbul: Basically, Liam Neeson in Istanbul > James Bond in Istanbul. I think Istanbul was the clear winner of both their 2012 movies: Taken 2 and Skyfall.

QUANTUM!?!?! How can you set up an entire plot with two movies: Casino Royale, and Quantum of Solace and just kill the plot. That's like doing Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and then writing an entirely new story with a new character for the third trilogy. 

Interestingly enough, this is why the third Hunger Games book was absolutely awful, after a credible first two books. 

Sadly, because they are making it rain at the box office, we're going to have to suffer 4 more James Bonds with this directorial and writing crew.

Not impressed.


So would Christopher Nolan ever consider directing Bond?

 If he gets the right opportunity. He has gone on record to say that "if the timing is right" he'd love to do Bond. It's his dream movie; his raison d'être almost. To get a chance to do Bond. I think we already missed the window no Liam Neeson doing Bond, even though he was asked in 94. I think Nolan could have done an incredible twist on Bond with an older retired Bond coming out of retirement. Think Batman Beyond, but for Bond. Who else are good choices for a Nolan-bond? Hugh Jackman, possibly.Joseph Gordon Levitt, ironically, since Nolan won't direct him as Batman. He cleans up well and would inspire a younger, newer generation of Bond fans, even though he's American. 

Tom Hardy would be a great Bond. I think that's it. Nolan & Tom Hardy. Hardy gets to do major film with Nolan as a lead actor, instead of with a mask on (TKDR) or as a supporting cast (Inception).

I was hoping for a great end to Quantum story line in one or two movies with Daniel Craig, with a fresh start.

How MGM, a failing studio, could pass on an opportunity to give Christopher Nolan -- box office gold -- for .... direct Bond is beyond me. Perhaps that is why they are bankrupt. They are clueless.

Inception, the Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises is basically a Nolan audition for James Bond. Huge set pieces. Bond references everywhere (like the third level in Inception; the scene on skis). Incredible motion, photography, and engaging characters.

At this point, it might be more likely we'll see Nolan do Bourne than do Bond. 

He wants it though. He does want it.

Christopher Nolan on Man of Steel, Heath Ledger, James Bond, and iMax - PandaWhale

Christopher Nolan on Man of Steel, Heath Ledger, James Bond, and iMax - PandaWhale

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