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Wonder Showzen Chauncey I lied gif

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Everything is awesome about this gif. The lying yellow ball of fur, the dramatic zoom, the hat seems to be in agreement... says a great Imgurian commenter.

His name is Chauncey. He's from Wonder Showzen.

Lying yellow ball of fur got me...

wonder showzen chauncey I lied meme imgur tumblr This is my favorite GIF ever!

wonder showzen chauncey I lied gif imgur tumblr reddit muppet

i lied gif

invader zim you lie gif imgur tumblr

Prince Bride Witch Liar gif

Bert and Ernie looks up I lied gif

Llama alpaca I lied gif

Dramatic Woodchuck I lied gif

Dafuq am I looking at here?

Dafuq Cat gif

You sit on a throne of lies.

Will Ferrell Elf You sit on a throne of lies gif

muppet old guys laughing gif

I lied gif Imgur

Chloe Moretz I lied gif Imgur

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