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Obama campaign's use of AWS

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Awesome use of the full panoply of Amazon Web Services, but guys... a little bit more diversity on your team? :) ps Some geeks can't grow beards

They do have quite a diversity of facial hair.

So Mitt Romney's ORCA was built on Microsoft .NET, and could not scale.

And Obama's Software was built on Amazon Web Services, and could scale.

That may have made all the difference.

I was told that ORCA was strictly amateur hour... not only .NET, but only one web server!!!  And that server was located, bizarrely enough, not in a legit data center with fat pipe -- but rather in a "war room" in the middle of Boston Garden.  And they evidently did not even stress test it for one second before it went live.  Read more here:

Brilliant metaphor comparing the failed ORCA to the failed 2011 Vancouver Canucks:

Project Orca was named as a response to the Obama administration's Project Narwhal -- the orca being the narwhal's natural predator -- but you'd have thought it was named for the Vancouver Canucks' logo: Like the 2011 Stanley Cup Final runners-up, it collapsed the moment it entered the TD Garden.

More about Narwhal in this Slate article.

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