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Top 10 Most Visually Impressive Movies Ever Made

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Solid list.

 10/Honorable Mention Cloud Atlas, Prometheus, Life of PI, Titanic: 


 9. Pan's Labyrinth or Alice in Wonderland


 8: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


7. LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring

I think The Hobbit has a good chance of passing this in terms of visual quality. 

 The trailer looks amazing. 

6. Matrix

So in this top 10 are two Wachowski movies and two Nolan movies but no James Cameron??!??!

Not my list, haha. I think it's a pretty good one. Which James Cameron movie would you put in? I don't think this list counts for animated films. Toy Story III would make that list, I think. I'll add Titantic as honorable mention.

Lucky the Prestige isn't on here. Nolan could easily take 4 out of top 10: 

Inception, Prestige, TDKR, TDK 

 5. Inception

Inception at #5?! Oh, COME ON!!

 Where would you put it?

 4. Hero

3. What Dreams May Come:

2. Avatar

Sorry, but I would have bumped this for Avatar.

The Dark Knight: & The Dark Knight Rises

I love that TWO Dark Knight movies tie for #1. 

Well, OP does say that TDKR is arguably more impressive, but TDK was the original.

This list is...odd. Top Visually Impressive Films EVER? Nearly all of his movies were made in the last decade and not even a very original list at that. LIFE OF PI ISN'T EVEN OUT YET! OP is obviously 12 years old. And animated films are so much more visual than live action films. Come on Miyazaki and Pixar need to be on there. But ok, no animated films fine. But no Ridley Scott? No Hitchcock? No Tarantino? No Stanley Kubrick? These directors could all have there own top ten visually impressive list. How about films, 300, Sin City, Scott Pilgrim, District 9, Children of Men, Saving Private Ryan.

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