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f712u subreddit no-moderation experiment is over -- cannot self moderate

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Originally scheduled to be a full month long, it's been cut short after a week and the rules are being reinstated.

reddit seems to have reached the conclusion that upvoting/downvoting is NOT a sufficient moderation mechanism (i.e., mods are a necessary evil).

From the post:

We did learn many valuable lessons, such as that no community can moderate itself, and that people will call us cunts no matter what we do (there were also people who thanked us for our work, those guys rock).

Without further ado, I hereby reinstate the old f7u12 rules, slightly changed. The slight changes are in the sidebar, and the biggest change is "we do what we do is for the good of the subreddit, so if you don't like us removing comics we feel aren't in the spirit, please go to /r/allrages".

In the following few days/weeks, we'll be deliberating and implementing the feedback we got (mainly in the form of frontpaged comics) to revise the rules and hopefully make this a better experience for everyone.

Thank you all for your help!

P.S. If you're going to call us cunts for this or for anything else, don't bother, we know.

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