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The success of Chip Kelly's Oregon Ducks offense is more familiar than it seems

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Grantland writes great articles. Love this here.

And now Chip Kelly brings this success to the Philadelphia Eagles!

So... are the Oregon Ducks beatable in 2012?

Last team that was unbeatable was Alabama. Until they weren't.

Oregon Ducks remind me of Patriots circa 2007; except the NFL there's much closer parity than with NCAA. So perhaps, they're unbeatable. 

See: 2001 Miami Hurricanes and 2005: USC Trojans. 

One won, the other lost. USC also had two heisman trophy winners on their losing national championship team. 

Not sure how many are with me, but I'm praying for a K state and Notre Dame loss to see Oregon v. Alabama

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Oregon play in the BCS title game in 2011?

And didn't Alabama play in the BCS title game in 2010 and 2012?

I guess they've never played each other in the title game before.

If it wasn't for Stanford, Oregon would have played Notre Dame in the BCS Championship, beaten them, and been number 1 this year. Wow.

I still can't believe Notre Dame beat Stanford this year. Bad ref'ing.

SEC schools have won 8 BCS title games. No other conference comes close.

nope. If Lane Kiffin gets his act together, I think Pac-12 will be resurgent. USC, Oregon, Stanford can contend with the SEC big dogs. Challenge is a) getting there -- and arguably SEC teams have collectively had the easiest time of getting to BCS championship game (see: Alabama last year -- they didn't even win their conference, and they won the national title) and b) obviously winning it. 

 Nate Silver can probably figure out the likelihood that the BCS championship is going to be SEC only but right now, I think that likelihood is high:

teams #2-7 are SEC, including Alabama, and LSU; Notre Dame is the weakest #1 we've seen in a long time.

Also, Ohio State would probably play in the BCS championship game if they were eligible. But they can still win the AP title:

Ohio State would have been competitive with Alabama.

The NCAA looks so bad right now -- their penalties seem so arbitrary and the BCS title game should have been awesome but instead it was a mockery.

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