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Kitten hugs teddy bear gif

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This cat gave up its free roaming ways for a teddy bear and some light snuggling.

Bonus cute points for the miniature kitty pillow.

Aww Cute meme

kitten hugs teddy upvote gif

Awesome sauce:

OMG, Imgur has 700k views representing 1.32 TB of bandwidth... just for this one gif!

Now at 850k views in 3 years:

kitten hugs teddy bear gif Imgur cute cat aww

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Reddit comments:

I love cats!

24 reasons why I love cats... - PandaWhale

I love cat hugs!!

Cat hugs kitten hugz - mlkshk

I love cat hug gifs!

Tabby kitten hug gif

Stuffed animal snuggle! - Imgur

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