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A cubicle full of Twinkies...

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Tallahassee in Zombieland now has an answer to "Where's the fucking Twinkies?"

Zombieland Wheres the fucking Twinkies gif

Tell him about the Twinkie.

Ghostbusters what about the Twinkie meme

Woody asks where the spongy yellow delicious bastards are...

imgur: the simple image sharer

...and apparently they're in Mexico:

So guess who faked its death and fled to Mexico? Rejoice my friends! - Imgur

And... Amazon:

And when we find Twinkies... Joy.

Zombieland Twinkies

Rule 32 enjoy the little things

First Bill Murray, now my Twinkies.

Die hard Twinkie

Die hard Twinkie

Die hard Twinkie

Die hard Twinkie

Tallahassee is sad Hostess went out of business.

Tallahassee is sad hostess went out of business

I haven't cried like this since Titanic gif

I need a bigger Woody Harrelson crying with money gif, please.

Woody Harrelson crying with money gif

Woody Harrelson "Eating and Crying Trilogy":

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