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Entrepreneurshit. The Blog Post on What It’s Really Like.

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Real talk.

Mark Suster's point: 

Being an entrepreneur is about finding your inner self-confidence.

Because startups are all naked in the mirror.

And I agree with him that it gets harder as we get older.

 Caramba. He nailed a lot of the experience.

 ''re unemployable' .. so true.  being an entrepreneur ruins you for that.  being older means that you keep a day job to fund your startup so you can go as long as you can without investment.

And keeping a day job while working on a startup is really, really hard.

Because you're unemployable.

Because you're always thinking about your startup. 

yup.  it's ridiculously hard but weirdly ok for the most part---until it isn't. :O)

There's an entire generation of people who are in the process of creating small businesses and caught in that same feeling of "it's okay until it isn't" right now.

Amazing how many people are just holding on, optimistic that things will get better.

For Posterity: " 

In response to some Hacker News response post:

LOL. And he's a VC. 


I read your response, David. Frankly, I think you do many entrepreneurs an injustice in assuming that I'm talking about VC funded entrepreneurs only. At my talk at University of Chicago I repeated advice I give every time I speak "90+% of you should never raise VC. It's not right for you. Better that you raise smaller amounts of money and keep control of your business."And many small startups have a much worse cash situation than those fueled by VC but your post fails to consider that. Many of them have loans, sibling / parent money and the like. It's actually much harder on them.

Or how about physical or retail businesses? I know many non-tech entrepreneurs who have gone through personal bankruptcy due to this. Including my own parents. Which led them to get divorced.

Bitch, you don't know me. Don't assume you do."

There are millions of small business owners in America.

They are the lifeblood of the American economy.

Interesting article about the truth of being an entrepreneur. The fact is, nothing worth doing is easy. And to me, those who become entrepreneurs for the glamor are doing it for the wrong reasons. They should do it because they have passion, because they believe in something. I like what Richard Branson said, "To me, being an entrepreneur simply means being someone who wants to make a difference to other people's lives."

Those who do it for the glamor get shaken out pretty quickly.

It's good to want to make a difference in peoples' lives, but as you pointed out, that underplays just how hard it is. 

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