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Twilight - Breaking Dawn - Part Two - Meme: The Epic Finale Concludes

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two Meme The Epic Finale Concludes

Source: 9GAG

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If the last installment of Twilight had all of these people, I'd pay to see it.

Casting Nicholas Cage, Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, Leo DiCaprio, and Usain Bolt? Genius!

Casting Robert Downey Jr, Psy, Oprah, Obama, and Harry Potter? Super Genius!!! 

 Michael Sheen is my franchise fave.  He does "devoid of humanity" really really well.

Which movie represents his best work? 

Why show one Michael Sheen movie when we can show six?

Michael Sheen movies

Respectively: Impish guy in suit; impish guy in suit; impish guy in suspenders; impish goth dude; impish badass; Hillary Clinton.

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