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This movement really became huge very quickly:

Moreover, these massive open online courses, or MOOCs, harness the power of their huge enrollments to teach in new ways, applying crowd-sourcing technology to discussion forums and grading and enabling professors to use online lectures and reserve on-campus class time for interaction with students.

The spread of MOOCs is likely to have wide fallout. Lower-tier colleges, already facing resistance over high tuition, may have trouble convincing students that their courses are worth the price. And some experts voice reservations about how online learning can be assessed and warn of the potential for cheating.

MOOCs first landed in the spotlight last year, when Sebastian Thrun, a Stanford professor, offered a free artificial-intelligence course, attracting 160,000 students in 190 nations. The resulting storm of publicity galvanized elite research universities across the country to begin to open higher education to everyone — with the hope of perhaps, eventually, making money doing so.

The expansion has been dizzying. Millions of students are now enrolled in hundreds of online courses, including those offered by Udacity, Mr. Thrun’s spinoff company; edX, a joint venture of Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Coursera, a Stanford spinoff that is offering Professor Duneier’s course and 200 others.

I had no idea how fast it was all happening.

Udacity predates the MOOC movement, right?

 No, Khan predates the MOOC movement. So does MIT OpenCourseware. Udacity is part of the MOOC movement. Sebastian Thrun basically kicked off the MOOC movement and THEN Udacity was started.

I've not seen a tech trend rise this fast. Especially in education. Have you?

 THE MAIN PROBLEM IS JOBS! People don't go to school for education, they want jobs.

CONFLICTING GOALS. US wants more STEM education. US citizens, however, want jobs. Someone needs to show them the path.....

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